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Welcome to our Web site whose aim is to help people on the road to physical and mental health and to the development of beings.

On our site we offer the following options to help your personality to the positive developments:

1. At the level of the organism:

    Oligoterapy (or trace elements therapy) = preventive and corrective support for the body on the basis of trace elements (minerals)

For a long time we were looking for products that promote health in terms of biological (Bios = life in Greek, therefore biological expresses its logical with the life). The result is our offer of 19 different ionized  and revitalized liquid  solutions produced since 45 years in Switzerland by a Swiss company Laboratories BIOLIGO. Each of the 19 liquid preparations contains minerals, extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins, essential oils, propolis and other narural BIO ingredients.

In each bottle you will find more than 45 years of experience in the area of oligoterapie, phytotherapy, botany and other natural sciences. For more information about these products, see ( bottle  here   ).

2. Energy level: (healing and training):

Personal healing: now in the Czech Republic we offer individual treatment by using many methods, carried out by an experienced therapist with years of experience abroad. For more information, see here:

     Etiomedcine : a form of healing, which is treating the causes of disease on different energy points (unlocking) and the various layers of beings (Etio means in Greek origin).

3. Training

1. For health professionals (doctors, healers, and all those who are in direct contact with the patients and they wish to deepen the knowledge and the art in the field of energy so that the treatment of their patients more efficient). (More information)

2. Training for the development of your own personality. (More information )

3. Leadership Management/communication. (More information )


Who we are, what is health, communication, how our beeings are functioning in terms of our senses, energies, etc.?

For your questions, please contact us ( here  ).

We can help you on English, German and French

Thank you for your interest and wish you a nice reading of material on our Web site.


For the team site BIOLIGOCEE


Pierre Bohac



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