Taking the alkaline mixture is to drink 3 to 5 grams of the alkaline mixture mixed in one cup of lukewarm mineral water without bubbles (0.3 to 0.5 liters) without food. Intensively up to 3 times a day otherwise 1-2 times a month.

The goal is for our body to find and maintain health and enjoy our life...

A healthy body has a pH value of 7.2 +/- 0.1 (this is not the pH of the blood, which has different values).

We only have one body and one health to take care of. With the deacidification of our body, our being (body + also our energy layers) will again move from a physiological point of view in a healthy environment.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have an alkaline pH and remove the "toxic" acids that the body has accumulated during our life. This takes place in 3 stages of deacidification.

It is clear how important it is not only to thoroughly clean the body (inside) but also to supply the body with necessary minerals and trace elements. These are the foundations of our health and essential to ensure true healing.

The foods and the ways in which we feed our bodies (even mentally) are decisive in whether our bodies are more or less full of harmful substances and do not allow us to maintain our pH with the correct values of 7.2.

Excessive body acidity is often caused by our diet. Some foods or drinks are unsuitable for the human body (we often eat too much meat (which contains hormones, antibiotics, etc..), too much coffee (a drink that creates a lot of acidity), too many drinks with "bubbles", too much white flour or sugar, etc...)

Improper nutrition creates too many acids in our body. This is also caused by fermentation, poor composition of our food, poor intestinal flora, lack of catalysts or trace elements in our body....

Our anger, fear, stress, disappointment, our exaggerated expectations and other psychological and emotional aspects can also contribute greatly to acidity in the body.


There are 3 steps to deacidification

1) Dissolve toxic materials stored in the body with a mixture, whereby acids associated with minerals in the body are released and can be removed (powder).

2) Neutralize acids, that is, their elimination from the body. After taking in an alkaline substance (from minerals and trace elements), the acids will be neutralized and released. But natural alkaline foods are not able to reach the alkaline level necessary for elimination, and therefore the body needs to be helped with the supply of appropriate food supplements (trace elements, minerals).

3) Remove neutralized acids. The body performs this function naturally and completely if it has enough liquid (water).


For successful remineralization, as a supplement to a healthy diet, we recommend BIOLIGO 18 RARE SOLUTION, which can be found at and can be ordered from the attached e-shop.

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