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We would like to present you briefly our products that can help you on the path to health.

We offer 19 different liquid solutions that are specially formulated to support our body in specific area of health  (eShop ).

The solutions consist of trace elements, plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and others, to support the relevant area of the catalyses, which are necessary for the organism to perform correctly and secure all the biological features of our total being.

The human body contains about 7 grams of trace elements (0.01% of the weight of the average person), whose role is to ensure the right biological functions of our body (the same should be for our housing, where it is necessary to ensure the comfort of running water, electricity, heating and other services).

If the organism receives correct and sufficient biological diet and is able to extract the required elements from the food an appropriate amount of minerals and trace elements, we're healthy. However, if the intake or absorption is stalled somewhere, the body needs to supplement the listed folder in usable form for him (a detailed description of the )

Bioligo solutions are appropriate to take the drops as a preventive measure (prevention of health problems), and also as a repair complement (get back to the health).

For example: from our personal long-term practice:

Solution 20 -Syrup father Michael

-preventive reinforcement of the immunity system (change of weather, physical or mental fatigue of organism overload ...).

Solution 18 -A rare solution

-contains many diverse trace elements, which are involved in the biological processes in the body and ensure its adequate physiological

If you are unsure as to the choice of an appropriate preparation, we can advise you on these points. (contacts).

An excellent health wishes you

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For health promotion we offer in each solution for more than 45 years of experience the Swiss company BIOLIGO, in the area of
trace elements, phytotherapy, plants, essential oils, vitamins, etc ..., that we import into the Czech Republic.

 In each of the 19 different ionized and vitalized solutions is a different composition of minerals, trace elements, plant extracts and essential oils, and some also contain vitamins, propolis etc....

 Each of the solutions supports the organism in a particular direction and contributes to the overall health of the users.

In many European countries the preparations BIOLIGO are already used for years as a preventive measure.  So a large number of patients have contributes to the improvement of own organism. Below is a translation of the document, which is used in Switzerland, and specifies the systems and organs in the body, for which preparations are individual. You will also find the composition of individual slides, and the proportion of the ingredients contained therein and the dosage.




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