Our approach to treatment is based on an individual adaptation to the creatures, and that after all of the pages.

We offer support of the organism by using nutritional supplements in the form of biologically active solutions energy healing at different levels

  • from the reflex zones
  • through prenatal therapy
  • to the level of the different points and layers of our energy part beings (ETIOMEDCINE)
  • The first is the appropriate answer to the question, what is the meaning of health disease, what is the point for us to actually has the disease

Health means when our body works biologically (logically with life) and all of the benefits of this status allows the body to continue with the respect for the laws of nature, in order to further insure the positive development of the human being.

On the opposite side, we can consider the possibility that the disease are only indications that we are not entirely in line with our development and it is appropriate to understand, that something in our life should be modified, changed, ...

It is a reality that all ways of healing are not universal for all and in all circumstances. It is therefore appropriate to choose the path to health, which corresponds to just our personal development and his degree.


Who is responsible for our health?

Each of us, we are fully responsible for our own health.

Nobody else can eat for us biologically, breathe properly, correctly think, eliminate, talk, Act, speak, run, set the priorities, work on our own personal development, respect the laws of nature, or communicate and create the appropriate exchanges, what is appropriate, etc..

The result of the long-term incorrect nutrition, improper treatment of the body, or even incorrect thoughts do created in the body a lack of trace elements necessary for natural biological processes of our body.

If our organism is exposed to such non-compliance for too long, can cause acidification of the organism, reduction of immunity, disease, gain weight, or on the contrary, weight loss, and later add more and more health problems.

The only thing we can offer to our body with the disease, is to change some ways of doing (thinking, eating, behaving, etc...)


For more ideas and thinking of how to handle our bodies:

* How many and how much we are really taking care of our own health-nutrition, mental and physical fitness, getting enough sleep, but also physical activity. ...

The others can help us in certain areas only when we are ready to change, adapt our expectations and use the appropriate treatments that are in accordance with the laws of nature.

It is very likely, that most of us would like just take one pill, or a teaspoon of solution and be 100% fit again. Nice dream that all the work will be done for us and we will immediately be cured and never be ill again until we have to leave our life. The reality of the laws of nature, however, is considerably different, and requires a great work on our self.

And what if it is trough : in a healthy body healthy spirit? And or vice versa? A healthy spirit in a healthy body?

It is interesting that, for sample, in French, the words sain = healthy and saint = Saint are phonetically identical. In German the word heilen means healing and heilig  = Holy.








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